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Free advice from Dickens Surveyors...
It's not often a qualified Surveyor will give you free advice, but we feel that if you are aware of the potential pitfalls, then you are in a much better position to make an informed decision!

Please feel free to browse through the film archive to get the advice you need!

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Impartial Advice...
••Dickens Surveyors is based in ••the Midlands we provide a ••surveying services for ••homebuyers, estate agents & ••solicitors.

••Moving house can be stressful enough without finding unexpected defects or issues ••with your new home once you ••have moved in, That's where we come in, Dickens Surveyors can ••conduct a thorough survey and ••provide you with a thorough report from below ground, to foundations, all the way up to roof and chimney!


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